Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The New Tomb Kings

Ooooooo.... Been waiting the last couple of weeks (and ya'll know how much I HATE waiting) with baited breath for the new tomb kings stuff. The old TK have a warm fuzzy place in my heart when I sold them for GW. It was around the time that I married my wife and so... what can I say. I really do love this army. I have a very beautiful TK army that I had pro-painted by Miss Painting Group a few years back that I have since added detail and have fixed errors. It is maybe the best looking army I own.

I am also a huge fan of the Nagash book series and loved it when the liche priests summoned sphinxes to guard their city...
Now I can add those to my army! YEAH!!!
There are two options (one kit that makes two units ala screaming bell)... The skele/ Tomb King mount (ala stegaddon) and the combat badass version... I need two of these right NOW!!! Hmmm.... (how to raise money?)

Here is a rumored alternate head for the sphinx. I will be using THIS one!!!

I am not really a fan of the scrawny TK model that comes with this kit (not pictured... sorry) so I will probably be sticking with my converted TK and Tomb Prince models that I made using the beefy blood bowl models...

Moving on... Surf is up?

Ok... that is one way to do monsterous cav... I will probably go a different route... Have to see the rules before I try to convert these guys... Oh and you can also make these guys with the same kit. Neat and all but stilll.... meh.

New plastic tomb guard:

Will have to see about these guys... Like the models but they don;t really fit with my army as it is... Then again... They come with cool halberds...
But can I make them match this?

I guess I just want to see the rules... The only thing I really want out of this book is already being hinted at by people in the know. That is: Cheap ass skeles... Not sure exactly how much they will be (rumors say 4 points and 6 with bows) BUT... as long as they get cheaper than 8 points a model I am a very happy camper. I want a horde of 50 of the little buggers as an anvil unit. I should say I have the unit: Now I want the rules to back it up.

More thoughts soon.


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