Friday, May 6, 2011

The Big Squeeze!

What is it about wargamers and the perpetual need for more? It seems that we always need to buy new armies for new events or to at the very least get just one more unit to round out or to complete something that we already have. I would love to blame GW for their 52 week a year release schedule but that would not be fair AND that would be a topic for another days blog.

I am a massive sufferer of the goldfish syndrome. I am always looking for the next big shiny thing (which is why mail order/ internet businesses rarely get my money… I want it NOW!!!). I rarely play the same army in consecutive events. I am simply: That guy.

This is fine and good as I have a bitz collection from over twenty years of playing and when I worked for workshop I bought literally suitcases of metal that I have been using/ trading/ selling to support my hobby for the last decade or so. I also support my hobby problem by buying and selling painted armies. The problem comes when you factor in the other side of the equation. Space.

My wife and I own a beautiful two bedroom flat in central Melbourne that has all the bells and whistles. Despite my loving the place it is still a two bedroom flat. While we have ample closet space for normal people, this does not work when faced by the hobby monster. I have bags, boxes and figure cases of toy soldiers everywhere.

Part of my hobby constipation of late is a space crisis. Where else can I stick stuff? Well… Nowhere. I am married and thus need to consider more than my own silly hobby space. Where does that leave me… Well… I have been looking at my closets with space saving in mind a subject I will be tossing around in future posts.

In the meantime I think I will do the lazy gamer thing and look at selling one of my armies to make space AND do the unthinkable and use the money on something that does not take up more room. I think that as much as I love my tyranids… They might be the ones to go as they take up the most room outside of my guard (which I doubt I will ever give up)…

Anyone have any space saving ideas? I am keen. More than keen.


  1. I have started banishing things into the ceiling at our place, but that probably isn't an option in an apartment.

    Maybe you need to devise a coffee table or something that is actually just a tardis for wargaming storage...

  2. Actually, I like this idea, so I am going to expand on it. You can get couches that hide fold-out beds. They could as easily hold half a dozen army cases.

    You could be spending the money from selling an army on some furniture that hides more...

  3. I feel your pain sir. I too have over twenty years worth of stuff in my man cave. It's always hard trying to slim it down.