Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rumbling DOC

Well Rumble in the Bronx is coming up in two weeks and while I was trying to get my O&G up and running that was just not to be. Sooooo... I am bringing out the good ol DOC for another round. There are no lords allowed at this event so I replaced my usual Bloodthirster for some half finished Daemonettes and a Herald of Slaanesh that I have been meaning to pretty up.

Here is my list:

Wrsa' Ghrita
Herald of Slaanesh with Siren Song and Tormentors Blade

Barbarik The Bezerker
Herald of Khorne with Armour of Khorne, BSB

T'Chang the Mysterious
Herald TZ with Master Of Sorcery {Lore of Light}

Ballick The Bloody
Herald of Khorne

Devoted to the Satin Throne
20 Daemonettes with Full Command and Banner of Ecstasy

The Blood Skulls
20 Blood Letters with Full Command

Secrets that Kill
19 Horrors with Full Command

Blood of the Bold
20 Blood Letters with Full Command with Icon of War

The Nameless Dread
5 Furies

The Firestarters
6 Flamers of Tzeentch

Thing Number 1

Thing Number 2

Total: 1998

Heroes: 500 points or 25%
Core: 1178 points or 59%
Rare: 320 points or 16%

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