Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Ripped Off by the Internet

So a while back I was surfing the old interwebs and found this really cool army concept on The Warhammer Forums. A guy had taken chinese heads from a company known as Amazon Miniatures and put them on Bretonnian Men at Arms to create miniature versions of the terracotta warriors seen here:

His version of the army looked like this:

Having spent the summer of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 with my Dad in China I felt a certain connection with this army. To be specific right after all the craziness was happening in Bejing Dad and I were in Xi'an (home of the terracotta warriors) for a month. My Dad taught and I was his unpaid lackey.

I decided to paint up a terrcotta warrior army for Dad and went to Amazon Miniatures to buy the heads. The heads were surprisingly cheap so I bought an armies worth and bought a few boxes of men at arms anticipating their arrival. Well kids that was months ago and still... No heads. I have contacted the company to no response. Tried to get a refund through paypal and recently discovered that Amazon Miniatures website has gone the way of the dodo...

While I am only out something like $40 I am fairly disappointed that the heads never showed up. My parents don't really get my hobby but I really thought my Dad would dig this particular army.

The site in question was...

For pictures of the original thread that I found these pictures on... Look here (it is worth a look):

Too bad.... Too bad...


  1. i was gonna do this years ago for a tomb kings army, literally about 8 years ago when i saw eureka mini's green's for terracotta warriors

    so, since i wont get around to it for years to come feel free to lol, so yeh try eureka mini's they might still have the range avaiable

  2. Ach, that suuuucckks! Especially for such a sweet idea. I've been similarly tempted to do a Tomb Kings terracotta army, I did pick up the terracotta warrior zombies when they were available, to use as tomb guard. They were a bit good. The company did jade mummies and chinese vampires too, but alas no more.

  3. So... Did you pay with PayPal or a credit card?

    If so, you should seek/have sought a refund before the advised cut-off period.

    This has happened to me before, and after I trusted a seller on one occasion and missed the time slot to make a claim when the stuff never showed, I have been very conscious of it since. Noting the claim period and making sure that I reported the situation in time has in fact saved me from losses on a couple of occasions already!

    I know it sucks, and I am sorry for you, but hopefully you'll know better for next time. Small consolation though, I know... =0(

  4. Contrary to your personal experience, it's normally quite safe to buy things online. I'm afraid you've been a bit unlucky. :-(

  5. Man, I got ripped off by the internet. The internet said that Sisters of Battle are awesome ...

  6. Amazon miniatures have gone out of business, but it's pretty bad that they didn't stop their server accepting payments.

    A similar thing happened to me with an Italian miniatures company and i thought they'd just conned me, but it turned out the person who ran the company had died and his sons eventually started up again a couple of years later and sent me all the figures i'd paid for (not guaranteeing this will happen with Amazon minis - unfortunately probably won't).

    It is rare though.