Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP shots... Storm Raven

Well after an age in a box, my long lost Storm Raven has seen the light of day...
I will admit I have been very sloppy when putting on the many coats of mechrite red and chainmail. I will go back and touch the black up once the I have a nice smooth metal and red to wash and highlight.

I know it looks really messy right now BUT I will fix it up.

I have started edge highlighting the black with astronomicon grey. It is a little lighter than I had hoped so I am thinking of adding further highlights of codex before washing all the black down with badab black.

As you can see I built this SR out of a valkyrie and a land raider with bitz from the old rhino, the drop pod and assorted Blood Angel brass etch from Forgeworld. Sure the GW Storm Raven kits look good but I really like the flying land raider feel mine has.

More soon...

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