Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Death Company and how I plan to use them...

Sooooo a thousand years ago (or so it feels) I worked for GW corporate in the US. I was a member of the Trade Sales team. I worked accounts in Texas, the mid west and (towards the end of my time with the company) the northeast (when trade went regional). Each region was a space marine chapter. I was a proud original member of the Blood Angels team. My boss at the time often commented that I was the rabid fanatic of the team and likened me to a death company marine.

I left the company (only to return a few years later and once again take up the black polo with red undershirt) and resumed GT play. My first GT out of the company (ok three GT’s in one year) saw my badly painted BUT very loved Death Company Flesh Tearer army. I ended up surprisingly high in the standings (21st) given the list had one power weapon, 4 melta guns, a furioso dread and nothing else but marines. (pure PA horde… it was glorious… I had three devastator squads with no heavy weapons and three assault squads with no jump packs) It was a brick of pain that I LOVED to throw at every opponent I could. Sure I lost a lot but having that many marines on the table was something I have been wanting to duplicate ever since.

Anyway… Eventually that army went the way of the dodo and I moved onto other armies. I still have my black polo and my love of the DC frothing manics. Hence my newest silly list.

Enough of my reminiscing, I posted my list in the last post. It revolves around fours squads of DC (some with transports), a DC dread, Astorath and a squad of scouts.

I have messed around with it a few times in fun games but have yet to take it to anything serious. I envision 5 DC with packs to shoot up the center of the board with the dread and Astorath in the stormraven. Hopefully I can stun or stop some anti vehicular fire with the power of the machine spirit fired multi-melta. Even if I get shot down at this point I will be at least half way on the board with a bucket of pain.

The fast rhino filled with dudes on foot will hope to draw some fire. The five guys in a drop pod will also drop in such a way to put the hurt/ pressure on early.

The jump squad will hug cover or run up behind the rhino.

The scouts will either infiltrate close to apply pressure early OR find the nearest cover and go to ground (in objective grabs).

That is the cunning plan… Time will tell if it works… at all…

Obviously I am going to loose games (probably by the truck load BUT I should have fun doing it).

Some of you will remember my poor storm raven (which has been sitting in a box for what feels like forever). It now has Blood Angels Brass Etch attached and has a shiny new black paint coat...

(this photo added later)...

Til next time when I have actual pictures of the DC…

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