Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomb King Superfriends

After having painted these models a few years back... I actually got around to someone taking some pictures of my character models...

Lets start with the group shot...

The Tomb King is one of my favourites... He is made from pieces of lots of kits but mainly from the blood bowl mummy model. I like that he looks less scrawny than the usual tomb king. As I painted him in a hurry I should got back and give his shield some extra love and maybe an extreme highlight or two (more) on his skin... There are three greys there now but they are just too subtle. I will have to finish painting this guy's flaming chariot sometime.

Next up is my mounted Liche Priest. Another of my favourites... He is made up from pieces of the mounted liche priest, plastic flagellants and a plastic empire mage kit.

His foot mounted brother is much easier to identify as an empire plastic wizard with the head of a TK blood bowl player and the top of the staff taken from the unused half of the mounted Liche Priest.

And last but not least my stand in Casket of Souls... I have started converting one carried by tomb guard ala the Arc of the Covenant on the move but have not gotten anywhere yet. This has been my stand in for a while. It is also my corpse cart when I use this army as Vampire Counts... You might notice the missing hand... Yeah... Should fix that one of these days...

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