Sunday, August 28, 2011


Soooo I posted pictures of my Tomb King characters the other day... Here are some pictures of some the nifty toys that I painted to match the army at the same time.
My Bone Giant (yes I know they have a different name now)...

My Screaming Skull Catapult:
When I got this kit it was missing the throwing arm and since it was a gift when I worked for the company I really couldn't have asked for a replacement part... I do have crap loads of chariots soooooo my catapult got an un orthodox throwing arm. The giant warp stone rocks are from the original Warhammer siege set. I grabbed a bunch of these are different points in my career at GW and weirdly they are one of my favourite models to paint. Sorry the crew were a broken mess when I had these taken so their images are obviously not seen here... They match my regular skeletons.

Tomb Scorpion:
Gold... coming out of the sand... Yeah... pretty straight forward...

What is next for the tomb kings... Well, I need to play some games with them in this edition but I am hoping that at some point I can paint a howdah sphinx and I have made designs to make giant scorpion riders to use as necropolis knights... though the snake surfer models are beginning to grow on me...

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