Monday, August 15, 2011

Maximini Sniper Rifle Review

Well “The Land O Misfit Toys” has officially had it’s first ever tournament. Book of Grudges is done and dusted. I will get results and a TO report up shortly (double checking a few scores… sleeping… you know the important stuff).

I did have a blast and Realm Of Legends is a GREAT venue but I will get back to that. One thing that I do love about the shop is that they have all sorts of bitz and bobs that I can pick up for existing projects that I have never seen anywhere but on the internet.

This last weekend I picked up a pack of Maximini sniper rifles. I had been eyeing these up for quite a while but was worried about how the barrels of would come out (resin, thin barrels are usually not so good). Anyway, Ross and Maria had a pack of these bad boys that I happily picked up for my Raven Guard scout army (yet another project kids).

Anyway I thought I would let you guys (and gals) in on my opinions about the blister pack. There were 5 rifles in the pack and while some of the flash was horrific it was only on the casting tab. The rifles themselves were clean as a whistle with crisp edges and details. The barrels of the rifles were straight and nice (as were the bi-pod legs).

Love them.

My only gripe is that I am not sure HOW I am going to get the rifles and bi-pods off the casting tab without breaking things (I am a bit of a bull in a china shop some days). That though is a challenge for another day.

My quick two cents…

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