Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Axemaster Recap (quick)

Well. I took Tomb Kings to a local 2500 point tourney on the weekend. You know it is a bad sign when you walk in and the TO calls you a fool for playing with an obsolete, weak army. OUCH! To be fair though... Tomb Kings are horrible. I lost the first and third games by a marginal level. I drew my 2nd and 4th games. I won my 5th game (more on this in a minute) and was massacred in my last game.

Tomb King magic is pretty decent but incantations don't gain levels of the casters soooo everyone was dispelling alot of what I was throwing at them. Which since TK cannot even march with incantations made for a hard time. The Casket helped because them people would hold dice to stop that letting me get off a charge here or there. Still I could be really speedy but when I hit it was just not enough. Skeletons just don't cut it anymore. The unit of 50 was a good tarpit for a a couple of turns but a lack of dominant magic really hurt my ability to capitalize on that.

I got best comp at the tourney even with the casket and three liche priests. I think that says lot about my army.

I was really please though that I was about to draw and almost draw so many games. I basically fought hard for the draw in every game. I was a aggressive as I could be but there was so much hard stuff out there that I just could not compete.

Now, as promised, the game I won was the banner mission. I really like that certain missions in fantasy now require you to think hard about them when building your army. I played High Elves in this game and my opponent had 6 banners. He then stuck his general (worth two) mage dude out in front in a large unit of lothern seaguard. I hammered that unit with my catapult, ushabti, and my giant. I was eventually able to wipe out the guard but the general got away. Thankfully he rallied in a nice bit of line of sight with the catapult and we played catch with a large magical flaming boulder. I win. Meanwhile my banners (BSB, General and Tombguard...) all huddled together away from archer spam and played the defensive game until he came to get me but by then I won the game. New tactics and army design is a good thing. It breathes life into the game and forces people to think outside the box.

In any event my tomb kings are going back in the box until the new book. (anytime now kids!)


P.S. My old friend Chis Cousins is back from living overseas and he is helping me to complete a half finished project I am VERY excited about. Hope to have lots of good photos tomorrow!

I'll give you a hint. An army of some of the best HTH fighters in the game. One of my old lots loves...

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  1. woo getting on the dark elf bandwagon baby - noakes