Friday, September 10, 2010

US Studio Chaos Dwarf Army

So it's Friday so I thought I would add a little fun and post pictures of an army I had for years. It was the US studio Chaos Dwarf army but they got rid of it when CD's were discontinued. I had been doing alot of work for the studio at the time so I ended up with it. Here are the pictures... I added paint to many of the models (read as most) adding details and fun bitz (and fixing chips and breaks).

Here are the shots:

Starting with the Hobogoblins...

The Bull Centaurs:

The Dwarves themselves...

War machines and HQ's

I have an almost entire new army half painted waiting for a new list. I really do hope that Forgeworld does a new list. Then my evil beards will strike again!

Have a great weekend gang!


  1. The colours! So bright! It buuurrrnss... Wow, that takes me back a bit to the days of good White Dwarves, a better time, a simpler time...

  2. They really are some charming old minis, it would be nice to see them get new rules... a return of the chaos dwarves, even in resin, would be great. I'd love it if forgeworld started to populate some of those areas neglected by the current game system and models, like the Dark Lands, Araby, or Cathay. Probably just a pipe dream, but Chaos Dwarves would be a good start at least.

  3. I remember that army! Maybe I watch too much DIY and HGTV, but I think you just need to redo the bases as they look dated.

  4. The guy who has them now did rebase them and it made all the difference. They look sweet!

    I needed to let them go as I never would have gotten another fantasy army done with them around. They were my crutch...

  5. Gah, I should have never let you get that army and it would be mine! I don't recall what work you were doing at the time for us but somehow Vetock convinced me that the army would be a good reward. I would have bought them in one of the army sell-offs.

    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    If you ever decide to get rid of them, you are calling me first, right?

  6. Vintage lads, vintage. John Cote had an amazing huge Chaos Dwarf army, very well painted. I wonder what ever happened to them...

  7. It went the way of the dodo last year mate... No space... Had to give up an army... Sorry... Would have let you know had I known...

  8. They're gone? Oh no.

    They were a really well done army; it's a shame that Chaos Dwarves broke my brain though.