Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Bones?

So I have been feverishly painting my Icon Bearer and Screaming Skull Catapult for this weekends Fantasy Tourney (Axemaster). I thought I would tray a new bone recipe since my other recipe while awesome takes years to paint.

I started with a black spray and painted Deneb Stone for a base.
After letting that dry I added a Devlin wash. Let that completely dry.
I went with bleached bone after that followed by bleached and skull white 50/50 with small pure white highlights. Works the treat.

Well... I was up late painting under my crappy lamp only to wake up the next morning with a greenish catapult. I had used rotting flesh without noticing. Under my lamp it looked very bleached but in sunlight... Green.

Moving to a space with much better lighting I highlighted the rotting flesh with the 50/50 bleached and skull white and highlighted up from there.

In the end I really like how it came out… Piccies soon.

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