Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Axemaster Army List

So I have been told that I will be the only Tomb King player at Axemaster this year (a good local fantasy tourney). I think that says alot about the perceived power of the army book. Hey I am probably going to get my head kicked in BUT it should be fun. Axemaster is run by the Hampton Club who always put on a good show. Anyway... Here is my list...


Tomb King
Dragonbane Gem, Fencer's Sword, Glittering Scales, Shield
He hangs with the Tomb Guard and with items requires a 6 for most troops to hit in HTH. If he gets flamed as Tomb Kings are prone to do he has a 2+ ward save. He will be running at anyone with a flaming banner. :)


Liche Priest, Hieretic Jar, Skeleton Horse,
Runs around boosting ushabti and chariots where they need it.

Liche Priest, Casket of Souls
The minus 1 for enemy casters is huge. Also helps me to get other incantations off since it is hideous with TLOS in 8th and people will save dispel dice to block the Casket.

Liche Priest
Lives need the bowmen and the catapult

Icon Bearer, Sword of Striking, Light Armour
Hangs in the horde of skeles..


3 Tomb King Chariots, Standard,

40 Skeletons with Light Armour and Shields, Full Command
With Banner of Undying Legion
(these guys never die... It is awesome!)

20 Bowmen and Full Command


4 Ushabti

25 Tomb Guard, Full Command


Screaming Skull Catapult
Never used on before. But hey stone throwers are great in 8th and this one can first twice with incantations.

Bone Giant

I know everyone thinks that Tomb Kings are rubbish but I am giving them a go. I will take any tactical advice anyone wants to throw my way...

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