Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Conflict 2010 List

So GW is running Conflict events in support of their WFB range this and next weekends in Melbourne. There are three general events that feed into one final on the 3rd of October. True Conflict is for beginners but the Melbourne crew has lifted this as most players are clueless in 8th (at least compared to 7th ed).. My heat this Sunday is full of veteran players who (I assume, like me) are looking for extra practice in 8th for future play.

As discusses earlier my Tomb Kings look pretty but are rubbish to play with. I have been busy the last couple of days repainting my wyche cult with the help of my buddy Chris soooo I needed an army in two and a half days. Thankfully I have a half painted DOC list that is entirely painted at this point. While I did not play DOC at Axemaster last weekend I did see some people playing them there so I can only assume they are still a feasible army. I wrote this with Chris's help while we painted and it is based on what models I have/ have painted. I am hoping it will work together as an army.

Anyway... This is what I have...

Blue Scribes (81) 81

Barbarik… The Bezerker
Khorne Herald (100) Armour of Khorne (15) 115

Ballick The Bloody
Khorne Herald (100), Armour of Khorne (15) (General) 115

The Bloody Skulls
19 Bloodletters (228) Full Command (30) Icon of Endless War (25) 283

Brozen Death
19 Bloodletters (228) Full Command (30) Icon of Endless War (25) 283

Secrets That Kill
10 Horrors of Tzeentch (120) 120

The Firestarters
4 Flamers of Tzeentch (140) 140

Thing Number 1
Fiend (55) 55

Thing Number 1
Fiend (55) 55

Total: 1247


  1. yeh, dunno what the blue scribes does, but i'd definetly prefer a level 2 tzeench herald with know all spells throwing some serious hurt around, a dispell scroll too would be pretty sweet- noakes

  2. Would be great except I literally didn't have the points for one of the Khorne boys to be a BSB. The percentages were killing me at 1250 points...