Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's Going on?

Well... Parent/teacher chats are done and as of 8 hours ago so is the term. School holidays here I come.

I decided that colour was not the best way to tell squads apart. Squad 1 has the typhus fly on its shoulder pad. I had to sculpt one on as one of my plague marines had two built on metal shoulder pads. With a little trial and error I think I got close enough (actually I think they look pretty good). I liked it so much that squad 2 has the same logo sculpted on their left leg plates. I took some pictures...

Squad 3 has a horn coming out of the shoulder pad and squad 4 has a skull repeated pattern. Once again I was limited by the shoulder pads of the models I am using. I ended up sculpting the skull pattern on three shoulder pads. I have monkeyed with the photo to try and get the best view of my work. I have taken a picture of what I consider to be the worst of the pads.
Here it is next to the metal pad it is emulating:

Transport wise the army has four rhinos. I have been on a kick to use old gear lately. I am building two new rhinos out of my closet stock using chaos forgeworld gear. I have several boxes of old GW tank bitz. I dug and dug and using a chessex dice box and the engine off the back of a land raider I built this: (The engine came from the left over bitz when I made my Storm Raven)

I like it. It has an old school feel while being much larger than the old clown car sized rhinos.

I also started the GUO. I cut a massive hole in its chest. I puttied teeth. Tomorrow I will get lips on it and maybe a tongue after that. It is my attempt at a nod to one of the really old Papa Nurgle models.

Ok.... lots done today... tired... 1AM... I am out.


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