Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First of the Marines Have Arrived

I have sent out something like 27 marines to the best hobbyists I know. They are painting them and and sending them back for a gallery of Space Marine Chapter Colour Schemes. I got the first of the marines back!

A Blood Raven: Fairly stock standard marine wise but very richly painted. My wife has our camera overseas so I am forced to use my crappy camera. I will have all the marines professionally photographed for the Showcase when we get them back. Anyway, my camera does not do justice to the reds on this models. Dark red and yet not a dull red. Amazing stuff.

You might notice that the base is not painted, This is intentional. All the marines will be mounted on one display board with labels naming the chapter and the painter.

Next up is a Black Templar. Once again my phone fails with the colour and detail but you get the idea. There is a scroll on one shoulder pad that very beautifully says "Honor." The red cross is perfectly free hand painted.

Last but not least is our first assault marine. A pre heresy World Eater. The shield on the marines arm has a green stuffed planet in the maw of the teeth. The blood spatter really compliments the white of the marine. Once again. Better photos are coming.

The current list of marines looks like this:
So far we have: (This list will change as more painters decide which to do.)
The Lamenters
The Crimson Fists
The Raptors (Camo Green Paint Scheme)
The Black Templars
The Silver Skulls
The Praetors of Orpheus
The Flesh Tearers
Dark Angels
The Sons of Orar
Pre- Heresy Thousand Sons
Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Blood Ravens
Pre-Heresy World Eater
Mantis Warriors
Sons of Orar

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