Monday, June 7, 2010

Space Marine Showcase

I've been thinking a lot about what inspires my hobby lately. For years (including now) I would spend hours staring at pictures of space marines and other models attempting to gain inspiration for my own paint schemes and hobby. Old Eavy Metal pages in White Dwarf were excellent for this sort of thing and I still go back through my old back issues looking for nuggets of gold (so to speak). In US White Dwarf issue 300 there were a couple of article and galleries of space marines that I find myself going to again and again every time I go to paint a power armored model. With this in mind I have spoken to some friends about creating something like that for the Land O Misfit Toys Blog.

The Space Marine Showcase (for lack of a better term) will be some of my favorite hobbyists getting together to paint a single space marine each. Each marine has to be from a different chapter and they all have to be loyalist marines. The list of chosen chapters so far is below. I send these “Masters of Hobby” a marine and they will send it back. Most of these guys (and gals) are pretty busy so it might take some time to get them back but I will have pro photos taken of every marine as they come in.

I am going to have a custom display board built with a name-plate for every marine that lists the chapter and the painter of the model. Should be a real “whose who” of the hobby if initial interest is anything to go by. I have had responses from painters in 5 countries at the moment. Most painters are choosing their chapters at the moment. A few already have:

So far we have: (This list will change as more painters decide which to do.)
The Lamenters
The Crimson Fists
The Raptors (Camo Green Paint Scheme)
The Black Templars
The Silver Skulls
The Praetors of Orpheus
The Flesh Tearers
Dark Angels
The Sons of Orar
Pre- Heresy Thousand Sons
Blood Angels
Imperial Fists
Blood Ravens
Pre-Heresy World Eater
Mantis Warriors
Sons of Orar

In other news, two more days to help me to decide what I will work on next. Space Wolves are handily ahead. Your vote could swing the results though. Let me know what you think.


  1. Geez, if you are going to do this, get the spelling right. I lament that you mispell Lamenters as Lementers. Half the Badab Chapters are already done and are shown on my blog. Steal away buddy.

    You never told me what models I should be working on. Blood Angels? I've got them done already. What else? Aurora Chapter Chapter?


  2. this should help people choose colours lol

  3. So... Brad... how's this all going for you? :)