Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you have been following my blog you know that I put up a poll to help me decide what army I should finish next. There were several options but the winner (in a tight race... Thanks for the votes guys! :) ) was to finish the messy Space Wolves that I got from DPS painting service. In a previous blog post I reviewed the painting efforts of DPS painting service and found these efforts wanting in a big way. I am glad that you guys are making me go back to fix them before they rot in a figure case somewhere. On the other hand, fixing these models is a major pain in the... well you get the idea.

Step 1: Match the grey! As I said above the painting on these models is messy and desperately needs touching up. In order to do this I need the main colour that the models are painted. Grey. DPS used their own custom grey for the base coat. One hour of colourful language and four paint pots later I have a very close match. The only real problem is that DPS's grey is shiny-er than mine. I think a good matt spray varnish when I am done will fix that. (knock on wood)

Step 2: Fix the really crappy assembly job. Now lots of the models (read as all of the models) were assembled without being properly cleaned. This is a real problem because, as we all know, if you have a beautiful model that has obvious mold lines it ends up looking really average. I spent all of last night and today going over every figure with a hobby knife, trimming the flash off. I really thought this would be a simple job. Once I started... it wasn't. It took forever, Anyway. Just finished. Every model is now properly cleaned.

Step Three: Figure out the army list and change the weapons. Out of 50 marines 15 of them had plasma pistols. There is no way to make that work with the army list and I desperately need a fist or two on the troops.

I just found out that there is a smaller tournament next weekend. 4 games, 1 day, 1000 points. As I have never played wolves before figured that I should get some practice. My basic list revolves around what I can get done. 2 ten man squads of Grey Hunters, a Land Speeder with Multi-melta, a 6 man grey hunter squad in a razorback, 9 blood claws in a rhino with a wolf priest (chaplain)...

Which brings me to Step Four: Vehicles:
I have the Rhino, a Rozorback, and a land speeder. I assembled them and primed them last night. I used Army Painter "Uniform Grey" spray and I am generally happy with the results although I go some funny textures along the front of the tanks. I think I will be painting mud now... Anyway... I got wild with the Badab Black.

Urrrgh... Back to painting...

Oh, up to 26 painters for the marine painting project. 12 marines out. Tuesday another 6-8 will go out. Check the blog for a current list of marine chapters to be done. I am super excited to see what is coming back. I will keep you posted.

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