Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Black Legion Madness!

Here is my bridesmaid Black Legion (I have come in 2nd at a pile of tournaments with these boys)... As much as I love them they never quite get the job done. The marines are combinations of old and current chaos warriors mixed with marine bits of all varieties. I painted this army years ago now and while I paint much better now I just cannot stop adding to it. (The Rhino, Vindicator and bikes are the most recent additions to the army.

The squads are broken up some for the photos. You can tell who is in what squad by the colour of the shoulder pads.

Here is another group

Most of the squads are in two picture groups: (for example here is one squad)

Another Squad of marines

My squad of 5 bikers. Added these guys as a gag and they have been really good!

Heavy Support Baby!

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