Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the Grim "Dark Future" PDF...

Ok so I desperately need a break from panel painting codex grey tanks. URRRGH!

Space Wolves update:

The rhino and razorback are properly paneled and the land speeder is about half way to where it needs to be. I need to detail and extreme highlight them for the finish.

With the foot troops: I was almost finished touching up the flash cleaning mess (I made the other day) last night when I decided to make life far more difficult than it needed to be. I got tired of staring at the same poses on every model. Soooo I started pulling apart models and using the parts to create marines in varied poses with actual squad markings. I made a HUGE mess. Sigh. Don't think I have time this week to fix it all by the weekend either. Oh well, we'll see how I fare.

In better news. GW just (Ok I just found out about it) released a pile of old out of print games in PDF format on their site.


Why should I care? Well if you are as old and sad as I am then you will fondly remember a GW game called Dark Future. Mad Max car combat for those looking for the high concept. I was a HUGE Car Wars fan back in the day and my best friend Jason had this game. For some reason we always ended up playing Cars Wars but I always wanted to go back and pick this up for fun. And there are the rules for free. Sweet! Would love to print them off but 220 pages is a bit much for work... I.E. I will be hitting Kinkos shortly.

While you are checking this out it would be good to mention that they rereleased the Dark Future novels a while back... Comeback Tour is a great camp read. Elvis as a merc badass. I LOVE this book.

Back to the grinstone. Til next time gang.

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