Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Look at my Sick Boys

Had night one of parent teacher interviews last night. Soooo tired. Anyway I managed a few hours of assembly when I got home before bed. In that time I finished building the 4 squads of plague marines for this Death Guard army. Because I am using old metal models for a majority of this project the shoulder pads don;t match on the proper sides. The death guard emblem seems to be put on things willy nilly (left or right interchangeably)... I was hoping to use the shoulder pads to mark the squads apart. I guess that will not be happening as I hoped. One squad has the fly emblem (I have to putty a few onto the metal pads). One squad has horns sticking out of the pads. The other two I will differentiate with colours. In retrospect I like the chaotic look that just naturally occurred. While the marines are mostly metal (with some head and arm swaps), the shoulder pads are mostly resin. I have a pile of the forgeworld kits but I really wanted to go bald headed metal (without the helmet spike... Looks more skull like).

Here are some progress shots.

A close up of the squad leaders:

Some special weapon troopers

A few random trooper models:

I am going with some Bac-2-basix resin bases for this project that really give otherwise static looking plague marines a sense of movement.
Coming soon: Terminators, a Grim Reaper DP and a GUO... (not sure how to make the GUO look not stock standard...)

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